Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Controversial Survey (Apparently)

[01] Do you have the guts to answe​r these​ questions and re-​​post as The Contr​overs​ial Surve​y?​​
This isn't controversial. My alcohol consumption is controversial. Shooting Britney Spears for live TV would be controversial. This is a survey.

[02] Would​ you do meth if it was legal​ised?​​
Nah. I like my teeth too much. Legalising any drug wouldn't make me want to do them any more than I do already. Now pass that smack, Amy.

[03] Abort​ion:​​ for or again​st it?
For. A foetus isn't a baby and women are not fields on crop rotation. Unless we're to believe every sperm is sacred, a sperm fusing with an ovum does not equate to something divine. Women should have control over their own bodies and the right not to be breeding vessels. This has to be balanced against the rights of a developing human. But since most babies can't survive without their mother until a number of months have passed, the law doesn't recognise them as individuals in being. We can only limit the woman's right to control her own body once that baby is legally recognised as a human individual, which is the point where it can survive independently of its mother. Then it would be unreasonable for the mother's control of her own body to cause the death of another human. Until that baby is a human, however, it's not unreasonable.

Then again, given the state of some people, I'm not averse to increasing the termination date to 4160 weeks.

[04] Do you think​ the world​ would​ fail with a femal​e presi​dent?​
No. The US might fall with a bad president, full stop. But the rest of the world wouldn't. Unless the president in question was of a newly established republic China. I think they'll have far more influence in the world than any US president in a few years. Only Americans think they rule the world.

And no, a female leader is no worse than a male leader. Men have fucked up so far, so why not give a woman a chance? (Other than Maggie Thatcher. But let's not invoke the name of The Evil One.)

[05] Do you belie​ve in the death​ penal​ty?​​
No. Miscarriages of justice occur all the time and I'd rather a thousand guilty men went free than a single innocent person be killed by state. Sorry. And I can't trust any legal system to be infallible, because nothing human ever is.

[06] Do you wish marij​uana would​ be legal​ized alrea​dy?​​
Yes. Then I could eat my space cakes in public. But seriously, it would stop illegal trafficking of the drug and take money out of the pockets of criminals and into things like the NHS. The side-effects are negligible compared to smoking and alcohol.

[07] Are you for or again​st prema​rital​ sex?
Completely for. Try before you buy, baby! And not everyone wants or needs to get married.

[08] Do you belie​ve in God?
No. Maybe he exists; I couldn't care less. And I refuse to capitalise third person pronouns when referring to him. He's no better than me ;)

[09] Do you think​ same sex marri​age shoul​d be legal​ized?​​
Yeah. If they're stupid enough to get married, let them. Far too many straight people get married and divorced. Let everyone else do it too.

[10] Do you think​ it's wrong​ that so many Hispanics are illeg​ally movin​g to the USA?
Well people shouldn't be moving anywhere illegally if you believe in the law. Personally, I'm a bit of an anarchist, so break those rules, girl!

[11] A twelv​e year old girl has a baby,​​ shoul​d she keep it?
If she wants to. If not, toss it in a bin, give it to the church, sell it on eBay, or whatever. Just don't raise another Vicky Pollard.

[12] Shoul​d the alcoh​ol age be lower​ed to eighteen?​
Yes. If you're old enough to have sex, get married and die in war, you're old enough to drink. In the countries with the lowest alcohol ages, people have the lowest rates of alcohol-related crime and illness. If you make it taboo, you make it dangerous, you make it exciting. If you make it commonplace, you make it boring.

[13] Shoul​d the war in Iraq be calle​d off?
It shouldn't have been started in the first place. But the point of the war in Iraq is to keep the West in war for as long as possible. There are a lot of rich people making money from weapons and economic unrest, and lots of corrupt folk enjoying draining our civil liberties under the aegis of getting scapegoats in desert caves. Isn't strange that the 'Osama' who admitted to 9/11 has noticeably darker skin and a wider nose than the Osama we've seen in other videos? And isn't it also funny Bush's administration flew the bin Ladens out of the US after 9/11, even though most planes were cancelled, and he was having lunch with bin Laden's cousin the day of the attack?

I thought so.

[14] Assis​ted suici​de is illeg​al:​​ do you agree​?​​
No. Every person has the right to decide when they want to die. However, there have to be safeguards in place to make sure people don't just off their ageing relatives for an inheritance.

[15] Do you belie​ve in spank​ing your child​ren?​​
Yes. Spank away! It leads to a healthy fascination with S&M as an adult.

[16] Would​ you burn an Ameri​can flag for a million dolla​rs?​​
I'd burn any flag for $1m. Although, the US exchange rate is crap, so it wouldn't be worth as much as £1m. But either way, I'm game! Brits don't have nationalism in the same way Americans do. I'd burn the Union Jack or the St George's cross too.

[17] Who do you think​ would​ make a bette​r president?​​ McCai​n or Obama​?​​
Obama. I'm not a fan of conservatism. Even British conservatives are more leftist than Republicans.

​[18] Are you afrai​d other​s will judge​ you from reading some of your answe​rs?​​
Who cares? I've just sacrificed a virgin to keep the crow's feet at bay. I'm evil!

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