Sunday, 8 June 2008

Chimeraworld #5 - THE REJECTS ISSUE

News just in: our editor-in-chief (yes, me) has just been accepted for Chimeraworld #5. His story of paedophilia, child sexuality, miscarriage, abortion and escapism is his nastiest, sickest yet--but with an oddly perverse and upbeat ending. Think 'Pan's Labyrinth' meets 'Hard Candy' with all the gore and guts of 'Hellraiser'. Look out for 'A Labyrinth of Entrails' and the 22 other great stories inside when it hits shelves Nov/Dec 2008.

Details follow:

It's that story the writer put her heart and soul into. A story that broke the genre of the markets it was submitted to and it's been submitted to many. Maybe it was too sexy for the sci-fi market, too scary for the romance market, too introspective for the horror market. Maybe the subject matter is too close to the knuckle for the editor/publishers the writer tried. Maybe it's too anecdotal with no obvious narrative structure. Either way, it's a story that the writer loved writing and thought it deserved to be picked up by now but it's been burning a hole in her hard drive and nursing the wounds of numerous glowing rejection letters.

That's what to expect of Chimeraworld #5: each author's best, most unappreciated, most rejected and powerful work. Recalcitrant, refusenick, stubbornly original.

Chimeraworld #5 (THE REJECTS ISSUE) will be published by Chimericana Books, late 2008 in American format 6" by 9" trade paperback.

Adam Lowe

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